NPCC menu on other sim:

  • Assign NPC Job

  • Remove NPC Job

  • Settings 

NPCC menu on active sim:

  • Assign NPCJob to Other Sim

  • Remove NPCJob from Other Sim - can select multiple sims for job removal. There is an additional Job choice named "Broken sims" - it will show you sims that have partial job attributes, for example sim has npc career but doesn't have trait specific for that career, so he will not be assigned for the job and at the same time he will be excluded from assignment for other jobs. When you select "All sims" or "Broken sims" there could be a delay before dialog pop up.

  • Move Other Sim’s Household to Region - use option to move homeless household to Sulani and Strangerville

  • Remove Other Sim’s Household from Region - use option to remove homeless household from Sulani and Strangerville

  • Get Stuck Urns/Tombstones

  • Collect All Urns/Tombstones on Lot

  • Settings 


NPCJobs will be removed from household's sims while you move them to or remove them from region.

The same options will appear in sim's menu when you select homeless sim.


AssignNPCJob: please be aware that to achieve correct assignment for lot-bound jobslike librarian, bartender etc., you must use this option on that lot. For example you want sim named Marcus Flex to be a Gym Trainer. Travel with Marcus to gym lot, one that you want Marcus to work at (or for example you can summon Marcus to that lot with MCCC). Click on Marcus - More Options - NPCC - AssignNPCJob - GymTrainer. Find current gym trainer on lot, Click on him - More Options - NPCC - RemoveNPCJob. Travel to another lot and go back on gym lot. Now you should see Marcus working as Gym Trainer. You can see steps for this example on new screenshots attached to this mod.

Actor career: there are 4 levels of Directors in the game: Commercial, LowBudgetTV, HighBudgetTV, and Film. If you want your sim to appear as one, make sure you assign him before the audition and make sure you choose the correct level. Be aware that higher level of Director cannot act as lower one, so assign 4 different sims, or reassign one as you progress.


AssignNative: this option allows you to assign sims as Selvadorada Natives. Please use only homeless sims for that!