• Paulson

NPCC v. 1.2.7

Added new setting:

  • University Sim Count Modifier - Controls number of sims on University lots. Use it if you want to limit or increase the number of sims on university lots.

  • Enable Object Workers: Bartenders, DJ. (For example, if Enabled Bartenders will serve drinks behind the bars if you place ones on public lot. Multiple bars = multiple bartenders. Lot visitors should recognise that and order a drink sometimes.) Added Bar, Nightclub, Lounge, Karaoke Bar, Arts Center, Spa and Restaurant types of lots for Enable Object Workers setting.

  • Disable Child Fans - If Enabled no child sims will show up as fans.

  • Disable Elders for Active careers - If Enabled there will be no elder sims as coworkers for Detective/Doctor/Scientist/Actor career.

  • Enable Urnstone collector - If Enabled when other sim dies somethere (not on active lot) urn/tombstone will be placed in your active sim's inventory.

Added NPCJobs:

  • Arts Student

  • Arts Professor

  • Arts Roommate

  • Science Student

  • Science Professor

  • Science Roommate

  • Romance Guru

Added menu options on active sim:

  • Get stuck urns/tombstones - Sometimes sims die without placing urn/tombstone anywhere (most of the times it happens in San Myshuno). Use this option to get those in your inventory.

  • Collect all urns/tombstones on lot - Use it when you need to collect an urn/tombstone of died sim (to place it in the graveyard for example) and you do not want to spend your time on finding it, getting to it and picking it up.

Оther changes:

Fixed some issues with Police Station Criminal NPC.


Roommates are assigned when you visit the dorm, so if you want particular roommates please assign ones before you go. Since the game changes the household for roommates only single young adult sims will be used by this mod for that purpose. Manually you can assign young adult, adult or elder single sims. If in your game there are no single sims left - sim will be created. If you want to minimize roommates needed - choose 4 people dorm. Also if you visit other dorm lots, aside from yours, you will need at least 2 roommates for each dorm visited.

The game will need 2 professors in addition to 2 default ones, one elder and one young adult, assign ones before you go, or they will be assigned automatically.

The number of students assigned should become steady at some point, depending on what lots you visit.

I had to manage the end of the term somehow because it is for all student sims, not only for your active one and the game removes student properties from all of them. This is how it works at the moment: If you choose to stay for the next term the mod should reassign all your sims on the same roles of roommates and students as they were. If you choose not to stay or you graduate the mod should remove npcjobs from those sims.

Please check your MCCC settings to avoid situations when your roommates moved out to some empty lot, your robots getting married, etc.

If you have any issues with this mod version - please report.

The mod is compatible with the latest game update 01/16/2020 - PC: / MAC:

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