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NPCC v. 1.2.9

The mod's Settings Menu was revised and categorized, some of the options were renamed and diversified. I hope this allows you to better understand mod's options.

Sims Settings category - settings to control sims that mod will use for NPCJob assignments

  • Other Households - if Enabled sims from Other Households will be used

  • My Households - if Enabled sims from My Households will be used

  • Unplayed Households - if Enabled sims from Unplayed Household will be used

  • Played Households - if Enabled sims from Played Households will be used

  • Homeless - if Enabled Homeless sims will be used

  • Residents - if Enabled sims with homes will be used

  • Use Homeless And Residents For Normal Career - if Enabled, for NPC Jobs with active careers (Detective, Doctor, Scientist, Actor) Homeless and Resident sims are used

  • Famous - if Enabled Famous sims will be used

  • Fameless - if Enabled Fameless sims will be used

  • Use Selected - if Enabled your Selected Sims will be used

  • Selected Sims - use this option to select sims via SimPicker menu. Please note that this option is game-bound, so if you have several games, each with a different set of sims, please keep a separate copy of npcc.cfg for each game.

  • Use Settings After Selected - if Enabled Sim Settings will be used in case none of your Selected Sims fits the criteria (for example age or single household criteria)

  • Do Not Generate New Sims - if Enabled no new sims will be generated in case none of the existing sims fits the criteria. Important sims like Father Winter should be excluded from that option, but if you'll come across any major issue with using that option - please turn it off and report.

  • Use Only Unplayed Households Pets - if Enabled, for in-game situations only pets from unplayed households are used

Do Not Generate category - here you can select categories of sims that should not be generated, there are no new options here

  • Pet Walkers And Homeless Pets, Aliens, Sick Pets, Tragic Clown, Vampires Walk By, Bears, Weirdo, University Ghosts, Mascots, Humanoid Bots

Limit Number Of Workers category - use these settings to lower number of sims needed for NPCJobs, there are no new options here

  • Disable Shifts, Remove Region and Lot Dependencies with according exceptions

Sim Count Settings category - settings to modify the number of sims in various situations, there are no new options here

  • Number Of Barflies, Museum Patrons Native and Tourist, Jungle Marketplace Craft Vendors, Native Customers and Tourists, Background Actors and Producers, Strangerville Venue and Walk by sims, Sulani, Magic and University sim count modifiers

Disable Random Accessories category - use these settings to forbid sims in various situations to wear random hats, glasses, gloves, socks etc.

  • Tourist - if Enabled Tourists will not wear random hats, glasses, gloves, socks etc.

  • Spa Guest - if Enabled Spa Guests will not wear random hats, glasses, gloves, socks etc.

Disable Outfit category - use these settings to change sim's outfits in various situations to Everyday outfit

  • Tourist - if Enabled Tourists will wear Everyday outfit

  • Magic Apprentice - if Enabled Magic apprentices will wear Everyday outfit

Assign and Remove Native options are now Move to/Remove from Region - Selvadorada.

Now you can assign and remove roommates not only before you go to the university, but also after you go. When you remove npcjob - selected sim will leave the dorm, when you assign new one - selected sim will appear at the dorm.

An LE with roommates is fixed. Mod will fix all sims that caused this LE when you first load your game.

Added Espresso Bar, Piano, Violin, Guitar, Microphone for Enable Object Workers setting. Multiple objects = multiple workers. Lot visitors should recognize new workers and use their services sometimes (Order drink or food, listen to music, etc.).

Added NPCJob:

  • Alien Pollinator

Also I'll provide translation templates with each update for those who want to translate this mod. Translators can provide me the links to their pages and I'll post it on the website.

Mod should be compatible with the latest game update 07/04/2020 - PC: / 14/04/2020 - Mac:

If you have any issues - please report.

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