• Paulson

NPCC v. 1.3.5c

Added NPCJobs:

  • Adoption Agent

  • Master Crafter

  • Entrepreneur

  • Eco Master

  • Firefighter

  • Batuu Stallvendor

  • Resistance

  • First Order Stormtrooper

  • First Order Officer

  • Scoundrel

  • Batuu Citizen

  • Town Mascot

  • Eco Inspector

  • Creature Keeper

  • Garden Shop Owner

  • Village Mayor

  • Grocery Deliverer

  • Grocery Shop Owner

  • Pub Owner

Added new settings:

  • Batuu Sim Count Modifier (Sim Count Settings category) - Controls number of sims on Batuu lots

  • Random Batuu Alien Race (Sims Settings category) - If Enabled random Batuu alien race will be applied to sims on Batuu roles assignments

  • Do Not Generate Crumplebottom - Use it in case you replaced Garden Shop Owner role with another sim and want to disable lot visits and re-creation for Agatha and Agnes

Added new regions to Move to/Remove from region options:


Mt. Komorebi


Mod should be compatible with the latest game update 21/09/2021 - PC: / Mac:

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