To see and change the settings, enter the following in the cheat console box:



To change the settings, enter the command line without the parentheses

npcc_retail.settings {command} {value}


For example,

npcc_retail.settings maximumcustomers 20

Or through the file npcc_retail.cfg, which is created immediately after the game is launched in the folder where the mod is installed. It can be edited in Notepad or Notepad ++ (TextEdit on Mac).




{WorkTimeMin}, {WorkTimeMax} - the employee's working time in simminutes (chosen randomly between these two values).

{StateTimeoutMin}, {StateTimeoutMax} - duration of the employee's state in the simminutes (chosen randomly between these two values). By default, there are 4 states: serve customers, restock, clean up, socialize with customers. 

If there is a customer ready to make a purchase, the employee's state will change to "serve customers". The default is 15 simminute.

{DisableRestock} - disable Restock (1 - disabled, 0 - enabled). Default is 1.

{DisableClean} - disable cleaning (1 - disabled, 0 - enabled). Default is 1.

{DisableSocialize} - disable socialize with customers (1 - disabled, 0 - enabled). Default is 1.

{SlackTimeoutMin}, {SlackTimeoutMax} - time in the simminutes, during which the employee will be slacking off (it is chosen randomly between these two values). Default 0 - do not slack.



{DisableChildCustomers} - disable child customers. (1 - disabled, 0 - enabled). Default is 1.

{MaximumCustomers} - set the maximum number of customers in the store. Default is 15.

{WaitToPurchaseDecayRate} - this parameter determines the rate at which the patience of the customer decreases while waiting to be serviced. With a value of 1 - the standard settings of the game. By default 0 - the patience does not decrease, i.e. the customer waits to be serviced forever.


Depending on the cost of goods in the store will be the following categories of customers: Wealthy, cost 800§-3200§; MidRange, cost 200§-800§; Bargain, cost 0§-200§; and there are always be Loiterers who usually do not buy anything.


These parameters determine the duration of browsing the goods by different categories of customers in the store, when they decide to buy something or not. If not, but there is still time within ShopTime (next option), it will make one more attempt.

{WealthyBrowseTimeMin} 60, {WealthyBrowseTimeMax} 120

{MidRangeBrowseTimeMin} 30, {MidRangeBrowseTimeMax} 60

{BargainBrowseTimeMin} 5, {BargainBrowseTimeMax} 10

{LoitererBrowseTimeMin} 45, {LoitererBrowseTimeMax} 90


These parameters determine the time that the customer can spend in the store before he leaves.

{WealthyShopTimeMin} 180, {WealthyShopTimeMax} 240

{MidRangeShopTimeMin} 120, {MidRangeShopTimeMax} 180

{BargainShopTimeMin} 70, {BargainShopTimeMax} 90

{LoitererShopTimeMin} 150, {LoitererShopTimeMax} 210


These parameters determine the probability of making a purchase.

{WealthyInitialPurchaseIntentMin} 15, {WealthyInitialPurchaseIntentMax} 20

{MidRangeInitialPurchaseIntentMin} 45, {MidRangeInitialPurchaseIntentMin} 55

{BargainInitialPurchaseIntentMin} 80, {BargainInitialPurchaseIntentMax} 95

{LoitererInitialPurchaseIntentMin} 1, {LoitererInitialPurchaseIntentMax} 25


{ContinueShoppingAfterPurchaseIfMinutesLeft} - if after making a purchase the value of the remaining time of ShopTime is greater than this parameter, the customer will try to make another purchase. By default 1000, this means that the customer will leave after purchase.


If you change the settings, you must reenter the retail lot.